DeepVisum is a Canadian meteorological Big Data/Artificial Intelligence algorithm company. The company is committed to applying artificial intelligence-supported meteorological big data to agriculture, commerce, finance, and insurance.

By combining meteorological big data and deep learning of historical data of various industries, it can help customers effectively use accurate meteorological information to increase return on investment and reduce economic losses.

Deep Visum team is a group of experts with a high entrepreneurial enthusiasm for artificial intelligence/machine learning algorithms. All members of the entrepreneurial team have PhD degrees in mathematics/quantification, and have been engaged in the development of big data, artificial intelligence algorithms, finance and IT systems for many years.

Currently, the company is providing climate change advisory services to local government departments in Canada. Our climate change prediction data has become the basis for all departments of the Ontario government to adapt to climate change. In terms of commercial applications, we have also developed algorithms for Home Depot to use weather big data to adjust ad serving in a timely manner. Deep Visum constructed a global weather/climate historical data lake, which laid a solid foundation for future meteorological applications.

We focus on data science/data engineering/data analysis fields, but have advantages in the following fields:

  • Modeling, processing and application of meteorological data (e.g., assimilation, downscaling and forecast)
  • Modeling, processing and application of agricultural data (e.g.,crop modeling, yieds forecast and digital agriculture)
  • Modeling and application of financial data (e.g., regulator reporting)
  • Modeling and application of marketing data (e.g., digital marketing, advertising suggestion)