AI incorporates a bunch of technologies that can automate and do work at greater efficiency, it uses machine learning to think and learn over time, strategizing, designing, recognizing patterns,and making decisions. In our daily activities, artificial intelligence has been widely used. It can not only help us reduce the burden of boring work and life, but also help us deal with many difficult challenges.

DV’s AI development team is developing an AI system that can automatically collect data, analyze data and build models for smart agriculture and various agricultural-related forecasting systems.
For example, smart agricultural irrigation systems, crop growth monitoring systems, smart crop selection systems for land, and global agricultural commodity production and price prediction systems.

We are designing AI algorithms that combine multiple source data (such as soil data, geographic data, weather data, crop data, management data, etc.) to estimate the real-time growth of crops, which helps our clients make informed decisions to reduce costs And increase income. Our AI supports global production and price forecasting models for major crop commodities that integrate all available information (weather, climate, management, supply chain, consumption, disasters, politics, etc.) for short- and long-term forecasting. These models can help governments and investors make wise choices to increase revenue and reduce costs.