Dr. Cao is co-founder and Chief Operated Officer of DeepVisum. She is experienced in mathematical modeling, data analysis, and machine learning. At DeepVisum, she is dedicated in building weather forecasting models and combining various machine learning techniques to uncover hidden relation pattern between weather and retail and industry data.  The solutions she provided are comprehensive, but easy to understand. Her expertise applies to different fields including finance, healthcare, and consulting industry.

Crystal received her Ph.D. degree in applied mathematics from York University. She has a well-rounded background in mathematics, statistics, finance and engineering. She has many years of experience in using historical and forecast weather data in her weather impacts models. She is the main contributor in a multi-phase research project supported by several government agencies and research institutions during her Ph.D. study. In addition to the publication of research papers in renowned internationals and conference proceedings, she is a co-author of an academic book in applied mathematics published by Wiley.